Get Amazed by Tana Toraja and Bira


You will be amazed by Tana Toraja, one of the most unique destinations in Indonesia. Toraja ceremonies seem to be the ultimate prove of life after death. You will also visit Lemo, one of the oldest burial cliffs in Toraja. Next, you must come to Lolai that is known as the sky settlement among travelers.

If you want to enjoy sandy beach and pure sea water, you need to visit Bira. This place is famous for its beautiful beaches and great diving spots.

Interested? Call TRAC. We are ready to guide you. Choose your package:

Explore Tana Toraja for 3 days and 2 nights
Price starts from:
Avanza Rp 4.050.000/pax (for 2 persons)
Innova Rp 4.400.000/pax (for 2 persons)

Explore Bira for 2 days and 1 night
Price starts from:
Avanza Rp 3.975.000/pax (for 2 persons)
Innova Rp 4.275.000/pax (for 2 persons)

Terms & conditions:
– The price includes tax 10%
– The price includes driver service, fuel, highway toll, parking, and ferry fee
– The price includes lunch and dinner
– Accomodation is provided (one room for 2 persons)
– The price doesn’t include flight or train ticket
– Contact our nearest outlet for reservation or email to
– Reservation has to be done at least three days before your trip
– Valid until 31 December 2017