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Pesona Panorama Ranah Minang dan Kulinernya yang Nikmat
Pesona Panorama Ranah Minang dan Kulinernya yang Nikmat
Pesona Panorama Ranah Minang dan Kulinernya yang Nikmat


The Scenic Allure and Culinary Delights of the Land of Minangkabau

24 June 2023


The Land of Minangkabau, or West Sumatra, is perhaps more renowned for its cuisine than its scenery. Unbeknownst to many, this region – the birthplace of many great Indonesian leaders, such as Muhamad Hatta, Haji Agus Salim, and Buya Hamka – is teemed with the eye-soothing beauty of nature.


Geographically, the Land of Minangkabau lies in a strategic position when it comes to natural aesthetics. It has coastal areas of exotic beaches, such as Angso Duo Island Beach, Gandoriah Beach, and Padang Beach. The land is also characterized by hilly terrain where Payakumbuh and Bukittinggi reside within the highlands.


The scenery of the Land of Minangkabau is currently a hot topic among Indonesians as it is where the movie Buya Hamka, premiered last month, was filmed.


The movie manages to uncover hidden gems: the beautiful villages that silently witnessed Buya Hamka spending a portion of his life.




If you want to try something new for your next vacation, some of the spots where Buya Hamka was filmed are highly recommended.


There, you can enjoy the exquisite and quiet atmosphere of rural areas. You can take a break from the fast-paced city life while still feeling at home. So, where are those destinations? Let’s check them out.


Three Scenic Destinations in the Land of Minangkabau, where Buya Hamka was filmed


Lake Maninjau


You may need extra effort to reach Lake Minanjau if you depart from the West Sumatran capital city of Padang, since the distance is about 134 kilometers. A 4-hour long journey by road is what it takes to get to this lake from Padang.


Once you arrive, however, your travel fatigue will be completely washed away thanks to the scenic beauty before your eyes. The lake covers an area of almost 100 square kilometers, with an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. Against the backdrop of imposing hills, scenic Lake Maninjau will charm and soothe the eyes.




Nagari Taram


The next attraction is Nagari Taram in Lima Puluh Kota District, located 112 kilometers from Padang. Here, you can feast your eyes on rural scenery adorned with views of rice fields, hills, and rivers.


As a village, Nagari Taram is also famous for its water tourism. You can enjoy fun activities, such as navigating a river in Nagari Taram using a raft rented out by the locals. No doubt you will have a memorable trip.


Sianok Canyon, Bukittinggi


When traveling to West Sumatra, make sure your itinerary includes Bukittinggi, a city characterized by the mountainous area and hilly terrain surrounding it. With a cool climate and exquisite atmosphere typical of the highlands, Bukittinggi will make you feel comfortable and want to stay longer.


In nearby Sianok Canyon, you can see a valley flanked by steep hills and cliffs. If you are a photography enthusiast, you simply don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to capture the scenic landscape.




Your trip to these scenic destinations won’t be complete if you haven’t savored the delightful Minangkabau cuisine. Below are 3 recommended culinary delights, characterized by coconut milk as their ingredient, originating from the Land of Minangkabau.


3 Must-Try Culinary Delights of the Land of Minangkabau


Padang Satay


While Padang Satay can be easily found in big cities, eating this dish in its place of origin will give you a unique experience.


In the Land of Minangkabau, this cuisine is commonly referred to as Padang Satay, Padang Panjang Satay, and Pariaman Satay. Perhaps, these variations are meant to emphasize that the signature dish is not exclusive to a single region.


Like other satays, Padang Satay is served with skewered beef meat, tongue, and innards seasoned with rich, thick spices. The spicy and savory flavors complement each other very well.




Gulai Banak


The next dish is Gulai Banak. Gulai Banak is a Minangkabau term that can be loosely translated into “Brain Curry”. As the name suggests, the dish is made of cooked beef brain seasoned with the signature Minangkabau flavor of gulai, a spicy curry-like dish commonly found in Indonesia.


So synonymous is Gulai Banak with the Land of Minangkabau that the dish can be used to verify whether a Padang restaurant outside West Sumatra is authentic or not. If a Padang restaurant serves Gulai Banak, then it can be concluded as an authentic one. After all, it is said that only native Minangkabau people have the necessary skills to make Gulai Banak.




The last dish is Rendang, a commonplace menu during Eid Al-Fitr celebration. From the westernmost point in Sabang to the easternmost point in Merauke, Indonesians are fond of Rendang. In fact, back in 2017, Rendang was selected among the 50 world’s best foods according to CNN readers. This is not surprising, as Rendang is cherished by many.


Rendang is made of beef slow-cooked in spices and coconut milk until it is dry. This way, the spices can penetrate the innermost parts of the meat and result in a tasty flavor.




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